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owner of KNINE Coffee standing with drinks

Whatsup guys!! I’m Alex Moe, I’m co-owner of KNINE Coffee & Strength! Originally from Bremerton, WA it only seems right that coffee runs in my DNA. I joined the Air Force fresh out of high school, after serving 5 years, I was medically discharged with hip arthritis. I started going to school for exercise science and picked up a part time job as a barista. Shortly after, I found my passion built around coffee, dogs, and fitness. My goal is to spread that passion and energy while growing a community where all are welcome! I am so stoked to have you JOIN THE PACK!

owner of KNINE Coffee standing with drinks

Hello, my name is Morgan Aquino. I am co-owner of KNINE Coffee & Strength, a lover of coffee, a lover of dogs, a powerlifter, and an American Record holder. Fitness has been been a part of my life for over 16 years and it has taught me structure, commitment, hard work, and perseverance. I believe if you apply those principles to anything else in your life, you can and will succeed. My goal is to show others that no matter what background you come from, what you do for a living, or what beliefs you may have, this lifestyle, the fitness lifestyle, can be achieved by anyone. I am honored and privileged to be apart of a wonderful team with Alex and Emmett. We are excited to have YOU join our team, join the pack, and help us build a wonderful community where everyone is welcomed!